House of Hope

Just Do It

#poetictuesdays Just Do It I’ve seen face masks, i have a surgical mask Proper sanitization is the new normal for proper sanity We keep social distance, there are no go zones even in shops, chemists I’ve seen even young children also the mentally challenged on face masks I’ve seen vehicles adhere to the 60% carrying […]


#poetictuesdays SPEECHLESS WRITTEN BY JAMES MUSAU ON APRIL 6, 2021. POSTED IN BLOG. Who writes speeches for the government? Does he really know how much stitches those words cause? Does his heart care even for those who cannot afford even a hut? What’s the definition of modern if we are subjected to ancient living? Or maybe the government is […]

What I heard

#poetictuesdays What I heard I heard about space, how far beyond the horizons it is, far beyond the sight of a binocular I again heard that Armstrong and his team made it to space and ever since it has been a  travel destination I thought that speed is measured in Bolts because I saw Usain […]

Writing can’t be done

#poetictuesdays Writing can’t be done I don’t write, I’m just obliged to the words with hope that I’ll excel With hope that my writing will one day be someone’s PowerPoint because they are beautiful slides with Access to bliss more than free internet So every morning i open my landlord’s windows with hope that may […]


#poetictuesdays Poetry I love you like my pen Its my ink that first discovered you And ever since, I can’t stop thinking about you I don’t if you are a mosquito, you make my nights sleepless Like fermented milk, I’ll only call you sugar I don’t know if you are the sea, am sinking for […]


#poetictuesdays Life Life When you are 4, yes the first day at the kindergarten, school becomes a prison, so you cry but later when you realize you are a pupil, you wipe your eyes, At 10, you are an engineer, yes you already made many friends A pilot you want to be, not for the […]

Crime is not the answer

#poetictuesdays Crime is not the answer It all started with the neighborhood Living in a hood where he could see cars And stars in the nights which use to stir his mind Because he was far from shining as them He had bars in mind about galaxies But how are dreams valid if there are […]

Today’s Alphabet

#poetictuesdays Today’s Alphabet “A” is not for apple Infact apple is not a fruit of our independence maybe lemmons because of the grudges will hold for the different choices we make in the ballot, Because of the colossal hatred our leaders have for the different views they have, Because of the assertion that we always […]


#poetictuesdays Challenge Challenge, my challenge My new idea, my new plan, my old struggle Only you shall feel my touch and fill me with agility to accomplish more You’re my sporty attire and with you in check, more goals are sure to be scored Challenge, my challenge My responsibility, my clock from within My reminder, […]

Last night

#poetictuesdays Last Night Last night was the last day of 2020 although life was fifty fifty for what made life cool was breath and the knut-cracking memes of some excruciating themes throughout the year Many people still have hands but lost touch of goals they yet were to score not because the goal post was […]