House of Hope

About Us

My name is Hamza Hassan Born and bred in the slums, where distinguishing dinner from danger was an essential life skill, By the help of God, good mentors, hard work, and determination, I was able to light a path for myself, and now I am lighting others candles I believe the rest of my life will be the best of my life, but only if I make it.

I am a passionate Speaker with a powerful inspiring story & expertise, I use that to help individuals & institutions to unleash their full potential, and boost productivity.

I do that with a unique blend of

Why House of Hope?

In this world full of negativity, blame games, fault finders, heartbreaks, and broken hopes, full of unkind people and discouragers abound, we thought of creating a space where people could feel hope for a better future and be inspired to take action towards it. Because when there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.

We use the catchphrase “Unaweza” Yes, you can.

We believe that the rest of your life can be the best of your life, but only if you choose to make it so.

I just love people, and this is something I learned from my mother. We were poor, living in a small single room in the slums of Korogocho, my grandmother, my mother, and seven of us, but my mom never missed a chance to help people. She would bring home the homeless and mentally ill people, share our so little food with the hungry, and I have so many brothers and sisters that we are not blood related, but because my mother gave them a place to call home.

I will never forget, a time I spoke passionately in a girls college for free, told them my mother’s and my struggles when I finished a young girl stood up with tears in her eyes she said this speech was for me I have tried to commit suicide even today, but you have shown mw there is a reason to continue to live, may God grant you heart wishes.

I bring my whole existence passion, life experience, pain I have been through and my expertise in my work.

I led a team in a fun and educational team-building activity. During the lunch break, one of the team members approached me and said, “That was amazing; the activities look very simple, but they are very fun, and the lessons are immense.” Where did you go to school to learn this?

I just chuckled at first, and then told him my experience. When I finished high school in 2007, my mom, who had greatly struggled to pay my high school fees in the slums at 2500 ksh per term, could not afford university fees.

To escape joining a gang in the slums where I grew up, I volunteered with a theater [acting] organization. We used to do energizers and psyche-up activities before our rehearsals and concerts to get rid of anxiousness.

I’d only see the energizers once and memorize them, add flavor and even do it better the next time. I was so excellent at them that when I attended youth seminars, I was the one chosen to assist eneegize the sessions whenever they grew boring. I did this from the local to the international levels. I even got to the point where people started paying me for my efforts. After 16 years, I have 16 years of experience. My Educational Background, Qualifications and Expertise


Educational Background, Credentials & Expertise

Fit for Life training – 50 hrs

2 years of implementation

Mentor and trainer certification – 150hrs

Certified Trainer for Adolescents, reproductive health using I.T

Effective facilitation skills, basic counseling and Life skills Trainer of Trainees

Conflict resolution – 30hrs

On the job training as TV producer, Script writer and programs manager – 7 years