House of Hope



I love you like my pen

Its my ink that first discovered you

And ever since, I can’t stop thinking about you

I don’t if you are a mosquito, you make my nights sleepless

Like fermented milk, I’ll only call you sugar

I don’t know if you are the sea, am sinking for you

I don’t know your color, maybe you are pink, yes paracetamol is not sour and that’s you

I don’t know if you are WiFi, I like hanging around you

I don’t know how beautiful you are, the letter Mufasa wrote for you got me nuts, yes you my future wife

I don’t if you are a bus, Timo is always standing on stage telling stories about you

It’s sad that am heading to the hospital for crushing on you, i hurt me knee

I won’t say I know independence, am your colony

Maybe you are british because of the direct rule you have over my thoughts

Maybe you are french because of how you have assimilated me to always think am like you

Maybe Italian because am like Somali to you, you have pocketed my resilience

Maybe you are Spanish because you have dominated my mind more than Barcelona in the laliga, in the table of thought, you rank first dear

Or maybe you are FIFA because it always feels like my mind is a playstation of ideas everytime I pick thoughts like teams and play with words to compose what you are composed of

I’ve never seen you, maybe if you touched me I’d name the act softcare

Maybe my mind is bread and you are salad that’s why our ideas together always taste more than overrated sandwich

Maybe I should call you KFC because you’ve soften my bones to chase for you with ease always, because you are my flesh

I always feel you coming, almost every Tuesday

Someone whispered your name to my ear

And what got to my eardrums is that you go by the name poetry

Is it true dear???




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