House of Hope



Who writes speeches for the government?

Does he really know how much stitches those words cause?

Does his heart care even for those who cannot afford even a hut?

What’s the definition of modern if we are subjected to ancient living?

Or maybe the government is a bunch of actors collecting scenes to make up a movie,

Out of the covid story that is sure to go nineteen times viral than black panther?

Or should we hope for the best because its April’s fool’s day and the government is making prank on us?

Does the government know that there are people who cannot afford a mask now that the greatest task is to stay home and like a death bed, wait for bills to haunt your sleeping sensei like nightmares?

Does it know that some bread winners cannot even win breadcrumbs now?

Does it know that restaurants were not a place of rest for everyone, to some it was the battlefield to fight for financial freedom?

Does it know that to some bars were the reason they would afford a bar of soap and chocolate bars for their loved ones?

It was not just about liquor; it was about how working in such nasty places would make them not such weaker not to afford paying bills.

Does it know that soccer is someone’s life out there, the only vent out nasty winning ways like crime?

Or should they be reminded that the slums are two times the devil’s workshop without vents to exercise talents?

Does it know that people are starving because their stoves cannot cook the covid story?

Does it know that people do not much fear covid as much as the agony of meeting a police officer past curfew hour?

Does it know that shows were someone’s platform to show his creativity?

So, should they know eat their own songs?  What of their bars now that bars are closed?

Does it know that those who studied hospitality are now patients to stress?

Does it know that Steve is jobless?

Does it know that school was the only serene place parents would send their kids to?

Now many students are becoming fat, yes fat tummies that changes their statuses to something more that children, yes fat of nasty ideas like crime and drugs

Is this not the same government that chanted for a 24hr economy?

I want to meet the man that said home is the best and know if people can eat their names and get satisfied

No night is tight if the stomach is loose

No job is sob, people are crying and if they aren’t am doing it for them

Maybe someone needs to tell the government that words are not counted but measured

Tell them that eloquence is not length of speech and strength of words but the sense of words

Tell them that words are key, they lock or unlock tomorrow

I speak for the voices and write for myself because its Tuesday

Thank you



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