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Just Do It

I’ve seen face masks, i have a surgical mask

Proper sanitization is the new normal for proper sanity

We keep social distance, there are no go zones even in shops, chemists

I’ve seen even young children also the mentally challenged on face masks

I’ve seen vehicles adhere to the 60% carrying capacity

I’ve seen people walk very fast way home only to beat the curfew

I’ve seen few cars in town past at 7:30 pm

I’ve seen people work from home, eat from home

For the first time i’ve seen bars behind bars not to host “Mabazenga”

Whisky is only to water the throat from home

I’ve seen how our sisters look beautiful without school uniforms

I’ve heard of whispers and seen stares of boys who can’t walk past the staircase without teasing an oncoming sister

I know every beautiful girl is called sister these days

I know how it feels to have a sister, i have two

I know corona is a fear-factor and people fear isolation centers

What of social isolation and lost dignity? How do we understand rape?

Nurses are paid to take care of patients, even those isolated are taken care of

But who is paid to repair broken names and sick dignity

I know how it feels like to be profiled in your own neighborhood

I know how people define rape and teenage pregnancy as self-chosen

I’ve seen stares pointing at my sister for such allegations as ill-mannered

I know how it feels like for parents to be subjected to antenatal bills amidst fee arrears

I know we’ve failed to define fashion and that’s why we defile our sisters

I know to define awareness as “a sense that something more is possible”

I know it’s possible to end teenage pregnancy and rape on a Tuesday

So I write

So if you don’t have a biological sister remember biology was not the only subject in your secondary school

Protect your neighbor’s child future, just do the change

Thank you



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