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Last Night

Last night was the last day of 2020 although life was fifty fifty for what made life cool was breath and the knut-cracking memes of some excruciating themes throughout the year

Many people still have hands but lost touch of goals they yet were to score not because the goal post was small enough or the crossbar short enough not to concead any shots but because there wasn’t any pitch to game such goals

Some still have feet and know how to run but have nothing to chase and some like me were just sitted waiting for 2021

So last night mr politician was doing research on the meaning of manifestos so as to manifest another term in office,

Although he doesn’t know clearly the office operations and maybe the operation he knows is that done in hospital,

Last night mr politician was somewhere somewhat worried on how to flatten his overlapping belly so that voters would see he’s genuine to have a ballot box full of votes and were it not for curfew he’d go in pursuit of lemmon and garlic,

Last night mr politician was making arrangements on how to walk and learn the art of leaving his few cars at home walk miles to solicit votes and beat the curfew,

Just to make voters see the real picture of a merchandise leader who they can’t afford to let go for like risen messiah he comes to them on foot,

Last night it hit mr politician’s mind to begin practicing speaking swahili and mother tongue, for the first time he began being concerned with the voters welfare and ability to understand the fore face of his manifestos,

Last night mr politician cursed his ego for lieing to him that all voters clearly understood english when he was giving verdict on their grievances

Last night mr politician made arrangements of going to church the whole year and were it not for curfew he’d call pastor, bishop, evangelists and ushers to have him saved straight away,

Last night mr politician didn’t sleep not because there was kesha and fireworks at KICC but was thinking on how to revert the mindset of voters, because 2022 is so near,

Last night mr politician was thinking on where to find good marrum to make the roads at least passable, he was thinking on how to flooded the dispensaries around with quinine and Panadol as if malaria is the only sickness around

I like sleep but last night I hardly dozed off because of dozens of goals I kept strategizing on,

What another 12 wanting months, months of self-realization and charm,

It was late to sleep on because of time just because he that thinks it’s too early is sure to come too late,

Start now… Work now its just January start leveling those mountains now

Thank you

By Musau Poet



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