House of Hope



Challenge, my challenge

My new idea, my new plan, my old struggle

Only you shall feel my touch and fill me with agility to accomplish more

You’re my sporty attire and with you in check, more goals are sure to be scored

Challenge, my challenge

My responsibility, my clock from within

My reminder, my trial, the only arrow in the array of my quiver ready to hunt life down, ready to thwart adversity

My only choice, the only reason to go fast before time and its seconds drag by, with dedication, not even the wall clock will be a thing to look up to but of value we’d be more value than the city clock

With you in check we shall set deadlines and meet them and give account of every milage of struggle that made the nose a tool for breathing and moustache a clear indication of growing time

In your books I’ve read it’s upon me to be me

Challenge, my challenge

My diet, my mastery in the kitchen of life, my easy to prepare nodules at the midnight of adversity

For the love of you, I shall dare anything, I shall try any recipe for a tasty life with dedication

I shall go for more and through thick and thin, I shall want the thick of you and together we shall beat all our odds and earn more than a betting company

My challenge, my lane

My daring feet to tread the road less traveled

My dopping drug, my strong and masculine feet to chase for more,

My only way heading home at the dusk of hopelessness, only through you I must walk ahead although bumpy and steepy you are

In your eyes I’ve read that it takes upon me to cut through your forest of adversity and affiliations

On your wall are engraved the words that I I’m to go far, am to go alone but it takes more courage to walk alone not just ordinary encouragement

Thank you

You see, the only viable challenge to try is to live your life as if you were a day closer to leave your life

Accomplish more, try more, try all

By James Musau



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