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Today’s Alphabet

“A” is not for apple

Infact apple is not a fruit of our independence maybe lemmons because of the grudges will hold for the different choices we make in the ballot,

Because of the colossal hatred our leaders have for the different views they have,

Because of the assertion that we always wrong and imperfect to the tune of having our minds fit in a leader’s pocket and bound are we to make worse choices time and again.

“A” is for agony, “who isn’t sad when treated like a refugee in his home country?”

But still we are still antagonizing how change will come fast even if not first

“B” is not for boy

Our leaders are not accepting to grow up however old they’re

They call themselves boys, speak like boys and fight each other like boys

When we boys fight the reality, the reality that we have to struggle to make ends meet, the reality that the future is in our hands when our hands are used to waving passing by group of leaders, are used to rest at our cheeks when we hear the word tomorrow,

When our hands are used to mixing cement and ballast and of course not for the purpose of building our future or our homes, we live in the streets of deception

“B” is for bribe, the correct key to unlock the doors of justice in our today’s Kenya

“C” is not for cat

Cats are becoming rare, when leaders are barking orders like dogs when we also are barking against the reality like dogs

When we are walk around with chained necks of manifestos our leaders blub,

So the only development we have is that we ain’t ordinary dogs but chihuahuas for the safety of our leaders manifestos

“C” is for corruption, don’t you know we buy justice here these days?

“C” is for curfew, ask my brother the size of whips officers carry during curfew when they can’t whip corruption but a late oncoming mwananchi

“D” is not for development

Huh! We far away from that

“D” for depression, no one will smile after losing a job, after the government losses touch, when he now can’t win bread, when payslips are now fantasies,

When they only option we have is eating our dreams and then sleeping.

“E” is not for economy

Economy is not a word in our country

“E” for enemy our biggest enemy is the truth we run from everyday when we leave homes for the streets

“I” is not important

The most important thing is what and how much will the new and the old aspirant give in their rallies,

“I” is for ignorance, infact ignorance is the first letter of the political alphabet

We only see our leaders at rallies,  we only see them when advocating for bills but we only find secretaries and receptionists at their offices, so are bound to eating our own grievances.

“J” is not for justice

Infact Jane is going through jaundice now that doctors are home waiting to see their payslips treated by the government,

Justice is just a word in the dictionary, He’s not a person we know of,

“J” is for jupiter, this is not a typical life in earth, when nothing is worth, I bet this is jupiter, we want our earth

“W” is not for wonders

We still are wandering in the pool of miseducation even with our degrees,

“W” is for women, with the many lemmons around, they’re now able to advocate for themselves, their vocals are getting richer of ideas and rights everyday,  how wonderful it is to see them speak,

How wonderful it is to see women tighten nuts and fixing bolts,

How wonderful to see women in office, challenging perceptions,

How wonderful it is to see them take care of their own families  and winning bread and butter for the same families, I salute them.

“Z” for the zeal of sharing such poem with you good friend

Thank you ??



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