House of Hope


#poetictuesdays Tomorrow Bro! Bro! Listen to my voice however frail Tomorrow is next year, tomorrow is another opportunity to see life Be sober enough to see through glasses of the sun and see how the rays points many unmasked opportunities within us Bro what lies behind us and before us are tiny matters compared to […]

My stress

#poetictuesdays My stress My stress, my happiness My wisdom, my itch Only for you I shall want If you are high above, I’ll climb my ego to have you and cringe at your absence I’ll pick you as a wife of my youth but will also wish to see you with others, because am good, […]

My Anguish

#poetictuesdays My Anguish My anguish, my heart, Oooh walls of my heart, be strong enough to carry the roof of patience so that when the rain of hopelessness beat I, we shall be safe Thou you steep and rocky level things down for every situation to prevail Things shall be right even when you be […]

What Now?

#poetictuesdays What Now? They say that we are blessed beyond imagination because our leaders shake hands, are fat, travel overseas from time to time and are prominent customers in five star hotels It’s true, true because they are foreigners and do believe what they see on their T.Vs, because hotels are places to discuss politics […]

Is this the man?

She had gone through many questions, some of which didn’t require her to think twice like the bunches of forms that went through her hands inquiring of her name and even gender Infact questions were used to her correct answers, answers that took her to the varsity only to unite all and sundry to bedeck […]

Wonderful God

#poetictuesdays Wonderful God If somebody would ask me to explain God’s vastness, greatness and faithfulness So with an empty account, I’d give account of what I’ve seen Him do, balance His love and grace and that would be my account balance So he keeps relentless regardless of my shortcomings that if longcomings was to find […]

Burring a sun

#poetictuesdays Burring a sun She was sober enough even with an inflated tummy, frequent pukes, slow walks and fat feet So she was like an israelite, the uncertainties of the wilderness was nothing to do with the joy and allotries awaiting for her in Canaan So mummy would be her fourth name she’d identify with […]

If truth was Human

If truth had a face and walk side by side with men, Even if she’d stuff her face with powder, make good use of the mirror standing on the wall, choose a fitting deodorant and do what need be done to look calm and collected, Even if she’d look for the best in a boutique […]

What a miss?

She opened the door for her brother which wasn’t a bother as such So he came in to put up with her until when he’d find his own feet to chase his viable dreams, so he wasn’t here to lodge a day or two He was lucky, lucky because most of us when we first […]

When two is too much

She finds it open enough to question his competence with respect to time And if she’s asked to describe him, she’d say he’s himself, he’s her Superman, he has super abilities and may even walk to space and convince the sun to come down so she can see it and maybe do the same for […]