House of Hope


Wonderful God

If somebody would ask me to explain God’s vastness, greatness and faithfulness

So with an empty account, I’d give account of what I’ve seen Him do, balance His love and grace and that would be my account balance

So he keeps relentless regardless of my shortcomings that if longcomings was to find space in the dictionary, then it would mean a whole bunch of His character and glory

So to me, He’s more than Nike, He corrects everything that on the wrong, so with Him by your side there’s nothing wrong even with an empty shoe rack let alone bear feet or shoes without some tick

So when Airtel grants affordable rates of 2 bob per minute on calls across any network, it’s pretty clear that nothing is charged of me when dialing into heaven even for hours or some good minutes

So when safaricom would always be there for fuliza option so that I may server my financial obligations, He’s always there to provide for me without accrediting me to any forthcoming debt, Uliza nani how I paid his debt without hesitation for God was there to provide

I think He’s the inspiration behind adidas, so when some things are beyond our ability like adding a minute to our span of life, He’s always spinning every trouble of ours within no hours for to Him “impossible is nothing”

We all need Him as the pure oxygen to meander in our ventricles, nerves and valves so that it won’t hurt when tribulations hurt our hearts for He’ll be there to throw them asunder by His right hand of righteousness

When I was empty and decolorized by troubles, He were there to color me, so He’s crown, I like it, I crown such amaizing acts

So when my hands were deep soaked in sin for such hurricane ways, He washed me clean than ariel ASAP clean in a single wash, and not even downy can prove such a soft touch,

So when am busy listening to music, music is busy listening to Him, ask the music of the raging sea, He stopped it with no use of a remote control or turning the volume switch to min and a click sound would prove out of bound

God is great even when poetry grows grey

He’s wonderful even when such words wander to find meaning

Thank you

By James Musau



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