House of Hope


My stress

My stress, my happiness

My wisdom, my itch

Only for you I shall want

If you are high above, I’ll climb my ego to have you and cringe at your absence

I’ll pick you as a wife of my youth but will also wish to see you with others, because am good, am glad to see the elasticity of other people’s faces in the to of a smile

I’ll stress not so much at your syllable, but how high you lift me even when not in a lift

I’ll always work to see you satisfied for the good that comes with that will always bounce back to me

Only you shall wife my troubles, children my circumstances and parent my gloom till am home with time

My stress, my responsibility, my stretch marks

My drive, my game

Am not used to sunglasses but with you I see far beyond the sun

Thou art my surest  step even in the deepest darkness, with you the size of my step is not proportionate to my shoe size or feet size but your stance in my heart

See you’re good, you made me learn all that

Infact you be my surbodinate heart with your ventricles of commitment and consistency  pump the blood of hardwork to the whole body of success,

You level down my odds and make me tougher than my opponents, bet you’re my sport and together we shall spotify every huddle and still be in game

With you even with closed eyelids, still I believe am going somewhere far beyond the horizon, the sole of my feet are sure to wear out of course but not you because you never go off course

Only for you I shall want, till I do what need be done without waiting for another

My stress, my positive pressure, my sweet curse

In you I house all my troubles

In your windows of self-sacrifice I still mark the reason of my start and together we shall thank each other after the hard drive in every step of the way in the steep and rocky time

With you, I shall knock every door and climb every crooked wall of impossibility

For nothing yet tried is difficult, no mountain unclimbed is hard to climb

My positive pressure, my timeline, let’s rock and troll the wall of stress and stress in anything less we do

Stress ain’t money, for life either aint the value of cents but the sense of value

Stress ain’t relationship, pick a good mother of your children not a good wife for yourself

Stress ain’t the difficulty of stuff, difficult is for the untackled, just start and thank me later

Stress is anything you do below you reach, be happy, be responsible, set your own timelines and deadlines and meet them

Thank you ??

By James Musau



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