House of Hope

She finds it open enough to question his competence with respect to time

And if she’s asked to describe him, she’d say he’s himself, he’s her Superman, he has super abilities and may even walk to space and convince the sun to come down so she can see it and maybe do the same for the moon

But she’d say that inability to utilize the goosebumps she gives is the only thing above his superstitious ability

She knows him well, she knows his changing neck is nothing less than a new skirt in town, which is very correct

With demur allegations of lighting the candle from both ends in the name of working overtime and only find the way home at wee hours

The words found his ears, his ears sent him to the picture hunging on the wall, and not just a picture of anything else like furniture, football stuff whatever

But the picture that reminds him of the first day he wore a tuxedo suit, the day his hands intertwined with the woman he loved and the same hands with proven worth of gracing her with a wedding dress that blew her mind the whole day and made her come out of the blues

And for a second he thought “dang it was too early to involve parents and other counsellors to say a word

So he didn’t care of how much pain would drip tears on the side chick’s cheek but he looked into the pain of saying goodbye when his wife would touch her backpack

So the next day, he came home, he came early enough, so after so many days he again was fortunate enough to see the color of the paint of his door

So I was there when he greeted me at six pm

But I wasn’t there when his wife was yet to arrive home probably yet in the market place for the backpack still was in the closet when he had to look for it, what a sigh?

So then he thought of the other thing, maybe it’s because of the new Jeep in town, which is very correct

He knew her taste for shooting cars that wouldn’t even convince her of any shooting stars

So when she came, her eyes didn’t send her to the dangling picture of her wedding dress for this time she was dressed on the full armour of shame

He kept quiet, she also kept her quiet to herself


He complains on the taste of food maybe she doesn’t know how to cook, but she says it’s the type of food

She’s into the business of knowing why he eats less when home, could he be eating another woman’s food before getting home?

When he gets to eat much, she’s about to poke into his eyes and let him know he brought home less, why swallow more?

He says she not smart and not even close to being smart, she says it’s the type of clothes he buys her

When she gets to look smart, elegant and collected, he makes up to one thing, maybe there’s a man poking her back and throwing soliciting words to her or maybe she’s up to something revolving around infidelity

He complains that food is served late always, she complains that food is always brought home late and that she can’t be as quick as the gas in the kitchen

She says the shopping money is less, he says she should go and fetch her own money

He says they fell in love but I think they instead could have risen in it and no standard could pull off their rings

They both have rings on their hands but none has one in the heart

And that’s when two is too much


It’s just a poem anyway,

But what’s relationship without tandem?

Thank you

By James Musau


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