House of Hope

She had gone through many questions, some of which didn’t require her to think twice like the bunches of forms that went through her hands inquiring of her name and even gender

Infact questions were used to her correct answers, answers that took her to the varsity only to unite all and sundry to bedeck her neck with all champion essentials

She had gone through many books to gain insight, so she was amongst the feminine elites in her village

Infact I was amongst they that said blessed was the man that would ring her finger, we said it even when lining up for another plate of pilau served by some clean chefs at her wedding

So he found a man that she thought would father her kids and maybe further her dreams

It wasn’t long enough before she had to tackle a question inquiring of her “if this truly was the man of her dreams? That if this what was in her dreams then she’d curse that night, wake and maybe go for a kesha and rebuke such nightmares


He was good, good because he paid school fees, bought food, so he was the good environment to bring up his children, so that they’d go places he was yet to set feet on, so he was the bow them the arrows

He was good, good because of the sizeable dowry he led to her father’s homestead, good for the glamourous wedding he arranged for him and her and also was he good for the tuxedo suit he wore that day,

He was good, good because he never rose his finger to point her maybe when showing her of something on wall or T.V , infact the hands he raised for her were for clapping for her even when she wasn’t good enough


But he was bad, bad because he was becoming a very good lover of the bottle and kegs were the only eggs that fried his mind

Infact kind of this bottle was the car he promised to buy her when courting because “this thing” was driving him in a supersonic speed,

He was bad, bad because the bottle was the excuse behind him womanizing his own daughter and that made him accomplish his courtship promise of buying her a mansion, the prison

He was bad, bad because she couldn’t derive the joy of walking with her spouse in town or even much outfits because there wasn’t any word thick enough for him to throw at public scoffers, he was only sober when drank,

And it would be even worse if his ego would speak for it would say that he was the only man fitting in her life, so cousins and any male characters were rivals,

He believed she wasn’t to go home and shake her parents hands, and that was bad, for one to go further, he has to relate to any stepping stone that kept him up,

And maybe the outtings she anticipated and charisma is just being out of home nothing else and maybe her marriage was the game Park with he as the lion ready to pounce on her peace

He was bad, bad because he had hands to work but slowly was losing touch of hardwork by going to job on own volition, his feet were fast to bars but slow from bars and the only spirit he cared for was that in his belly for even his spirit was against his lethal acts,


He couldn’t even think and answer herself if she was to ask herself what happened, was it because of the drink? She’d someday day to also sip and know the feeling and zeal,

He was from University but she couldn’t stop asking herself if truly he went through university education? Or was it a university vacation?

He wasn’t a moonwalker as she thought with the zeal she used to see in his eyes to chase the sky because keg was already making him feeble to only chase the wind

She was forced to go home, a thing she never anticipated, this was the only choice she’d face having wept almost all her face and if tears were to wash the face, then she were feet for a beauty pageant,

Thank you

It’s another episode of poetic Tuesdays anyway, enjoy reading this poem

By James Musau









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