House of Hope

If truth had a face and walk side by side with men,

Even if she’d stuff her face with powder, make good use of the mirror standing on the wall, choose a fitting deodorant and do what need be done to look calm and collected,

Even if she’d look for the best in a boutique to look unique and fabulous and ensure every eye escorts her everywhere she goes so she won’t be lonely,

Even if she were to have Nike, Fila, gucci and adidas in her closet to ensure the sole of her feet would always step in some reputable shoe brand or even see to it that her heels would always be on heels and make her feel high always

That even if nobody says Hi to her in the course of the day, she’d always be high,

Even if her ventricles would be big enough to carry somebody in heart,

What if she’d chose to stay natural, make good use of some milking jelly, not to milk herself but to blaze her skin,

Forget about deodorants, powder and anything that may be in stock in some beauty parlor,

Be on long dresses that everywhere she goes the ground may feel touched even without the presence of a broom,

Walk on slippers or some worn out rubber shoes without any brand name?

The truth would be that even in a beauty peagant, no man or woman would notice her moves

So truth is always cutting through a man’s state of mind and only her knows what rings in a man’s heart even with a ring on his third- left finger

It only takes sacrifice and commitment to pick her as the only one


If truth would have her name in some ballot papers,

With meaningful manifestos, quotes and speeches to steer every mind that would put a touch in some ballot boxes to make voters fresher than garments soaked with a touch of downy,

Even if she’s to have a one on one talk with every voter within the borders of the country, that would be for her own endearing exploration and not a strategy to win ticks beside her name,

So the ballot foxes would for the first time speak the truth that no tick appeared beside her name,

Nobody picked her, so we all queue at 5am in the morning to approve of another five years of scam in the name of “kitu kidogo” when our own lives are something bigger that can’t be magnified even with a light microscope

So Mahatma Gandhi knew way before that a country with poor governance means it’s people are well represented, it’s now not new even to us


If truth was a road, it would be the road less traveled,

So even with tarmac, lights aligned measurable side to side of it to make it clear of no harm and not just meer light to make a niddle visible at wee hours,

People would have it as no option but to flunk in deception lane even if they know it’s a black spot and would stop at nothing but  won’t risk to show off their incompetence,

In the name of certificates plus tokens  issued below some desk

Thank you

By James Musau


Happy new poetic month



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