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What Now?

They say that we are blessed beyond imagination because our leaders shake hands, are fat, travel overseas from time to time and are prominent customers in five star hotels

It’s true, true because they are foreigners and do believe what they see on their T.Vs, because hotels are places to discuss politics as they eat their manifestos

It’s true because of our SGR, how we Simply Gauged Retarded because of the choices we make but we shall train still

Its true because our leaders hide themselves in those cars to prevent their fat from melting of the scorching sun and to hide their faces from the vague promises they gave us, its not that they love to drive, infact they have drivers,

They are divers of the pool of public money, of the fool of public misunderstanding,

It’s only in Kenya where bounds are not made of glue and paper but signatures that even some don’t know the meaning of signatures because they don’t have one, where we share choices with our leaders because we like their sugar coated words for our diabetic hearts, we share ideas with them but not cars interests because our scars run deep

It’s only in Kenya where leaders have good houses with good seats, cars with multiple seats, parliament many seats that never are fully occupied unless discussing the future of their payslips and allowances but they are now fighting for more seats in parliament, I don’t know if its to host they wives and kids, tell me

Its only in Kenya where funds are never enough to pay teachers, doctors and nurses, where strikes and go-slows are a common phenomenon  for our teachers but our leaders will just signal a pinch for each other, go to some expensive hotel and make plans to charter their pay rise, when seating allowances are granted to such that need to be pushed to sit in parliament and we never are granted speaking allowances when we are willing even to speak the whole day

It’s only in Kenya where citizens bend their time, their backs in ballot boxes to make leaders that are never willing to talk in parliament get to parliament, where the hustle is to pay loans for they take in the name development when they are unwilling to pay the time we loaned them for rising up at 3,4,5 am to vote them in

It’s only in Kenya where citizens think leaders will be their social media to air out their grievances, but the same leaders chase the social media for likes, followers and to trend their stories

So they are willing to build bridges that we can’t cross  because of the frail pillars holding them and shallow waters of development that even if we were to fall in the same river we wouldn’t swim,

So they are starting up an initiative to supply blue band to the bread of living that is never enough for us unless they are coloring our minds

So they have hands to wave in those cars sorrounded by men in black and hands to poke in the hands of the pockets of public scoffers, when we have hands to throw stones to make their rampages successful and mouth to shout their names until we choke our lynx

So they only have feet to walk asking for votes that when they get, their feet develop to wheels to moves speedily against our grievances, when stone masons are used to send quotations that never build up to anything,

So go tell them that we got freedom of independence in 1963, remind them that freedom is not the power to change things to suit one’s needs but the opportunity to exercise responsibility, infact some of us didn’t change poverty as we thought but poverty changed our mode of thinking and our drive although our parents didn’t have anything to drive as a car

So remind them that good life is not a result of good decisions but the psyche to change bad decisions into good ones

So tell them that we went to school some even if didn’t, did escort others with eyes, so we were taught how to read and write but never what to read and write

Thank you

By James Musau



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