House of Hope

Tell my sister

Go tell my sister May be she’ll understand you best May be your language will be relative May be your words will find refuge in the corners of her eardrums May be your words will play drums for her And she’ll dance to the music of such inspirational words For a prophet is not respected […]

When freedom knocks

When we first heard of freedom We put stress in free and we didn’t think of dom even for a second The ground became prone to hailstones and it only could be fitting to set our feet where freedom had landed We only could set hands on surfaces sanitized by freedom, so this “thing” has […]

I met a police officer

At the sandy beaches, beneath the dancing palm trees In a cool Sunday evening when it felt fresh even with abounding salty waters Something I less expected happened, I met a police officer And because I feared bullet wounds, I did nothing but just confoundedly stood there to listen to her flunk her allegations against […]


She always treads far from home to make us be far from hunger The sun always hard on her to make life easier on us And when going doesn’t keep her because the work is hard, She always keeps going and works hard I never see sweat roll down her chin but flowers instead So […]

Sweet memories

I miss those days, I miss them alot The days when music was my mursik Although nandi hills were just hillarious to see them at the atlas The days when the many sons and daughters of father Abraham would always row the boat gentle down the stream And of course I was one of them […]

If the tree grows again

If the tree grows again I won’t have to wait for it’s seasoned fruits Love, peace and unity in the pieces I write would be such fruits I’ll stand in the light, so people would always hung around for shade And be the tree they climb way to the top I’d understand why Steve Biko […]

Who’s gonna tell you

Comes riding on a borrowed bike, Few coins only to buy chips or corns to pop your smile At least crocodile chips made physics practical like ruby on rails And not such chips that only bring you closer to the mouth of a shark School uniforms just conforming to the history written in the dark […]

If tomorrow comes

If tomorrow comes, I’ll learn how to stand, see walk, talk, I’ll learn everything I’ll teach my body how to function its functions So if my eyes can see, closer or further Tomorrow my eyes will learn to see opportunities and jump for them not people So tomorrow my feet will be fit enough to […]


Wait was the last sentiment With so much weight for this bait Although adjustment is advancement, Such patience was not going to make things straight   Ambition was the only ammunition she had To fight all that was all along had Adversity sounded as a forever and ever ambush But hardwork was a forever endeavor […]

My wife

My wife was older than me My wife was bolder than me Her utterance was always a wisecrack But my ribs wouldn’t crack Her iron back would always Cobalt my efforts And together we’d enjoy the little bronze we had   My wife used to tell me that living in a palacial home is nothing […]