House of Hope

My wife was older than me

My wife was bolder than me

Her utterance was always a wisecrack

But my ribs wouldn’t crack

Her iron back would always Cobalt my efforts

And together we’d enjoy the little bronze we had


My wife used to tell me that living in a palacial home is nothing

If am unwilling to leave my peasant mind

So our neighbors will always envy our muddy house

And on top of owning their storey buildings

They owned a story about us


My wife used to tell me that physical ability

Is not determined by muscle size

But by mental perspective

She’d insist that going to the gym is nothing

If my mind had no bisceps to bind goals and opportunities together

And trisceps to make trials in life


My wife told me that the greatest aim in life is to limit the sky

And never to let it be a limit

She’d add that with ragged boots am to aim at the goal

And my bowl shall never fail


My wife told me that health is not determined by what cooks in the pot

But by what cooks in the mind

She added that the size of the head is not a determinant of the size of the mind

But you’ll have to mind your head before you hit the wall


My wife told me that it’s more proud to make life out of it

Than to make it in life

She’d add that am to use the little I have and I’ll get the more I don’t have

For the law of life is multiplication under the hands of care and hope and not addition

My wife told me that if I put stress in words , I’d pronounce them well

But if I put it in mind I’ll denounce myself

She’d add that only an empty man would argue with a fool


One she told me that if I need to trek at twilight ,am to run at dawn

But the cause of running at twilight is that I walked at dawn

So I’d mould my own life


My once told me that she’d leave me and go far beyond the earth

But I won’t believe for her maternal home was a mixture of bitter herbs

But how could she leave without me gracing her finger with a diamond ring?

But I guess she left knowing that my heart will always ring for her

May peace rest in her where she be

Even if this picture is the only memory of her existence

Thank you


By James Musau



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