House of Hope

Wait was the last sentiment

With so much weight for this bait

Although adjustment is advancement,

Such patience was not going to make things straight


Ambition was the only ammunition she had

To fight all that was all along had

Adversity sounded as a forever and ever ambush

But hardwork was a forever endeavor to clear the bush of poverty


She only could inherit education

But those who could give a hand took no action

Coming to this leader’s office from time to time found no help to avail

All of it was utter derail


At times patience sounded as if

Climbing a tree to have fish

And going to the deep for beef

All of which bring nothing to the dish


Finally she had a glimpse of that leader

What a relief at last seeing a ladder?

She spilled it out

Spilled that life was hard

But wait was the last word she was told

And he left

She now could escort other kids to school by her eyes

But her feet was to remain at home

Although it already was in the month of March

By James Musau

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