House of Hope

Go tell my sister

May be she’ll understand you best

May be your language will be relative

May be your words will find refuge in the corners of her eardrums

May be your words will play drums for her

And she’ll dance to the music of such inspirational words

For a prophet is not respected at his own home ground


Tell my sister that bare feet today

Is not a guarantee for an empty shoe rack tomorrow

Remind her that insults never break bones

For the good things in life are cultivated for

The better things in life are predicated upon

But the best things in life happen unexpectedly


Tell my sister that hard work is the only force

That can make the indefinite life gain a definite shape

Remind her that life will only be less demanding

If she’s highly supplying


Tell my sister she at times has to shut up

Swallow her pride and accept to be taught

For only the humble are capable not to  fumble

With success

Remind her that all she knows might as well be the very things she knows

Nothing about in this life, so let her not hold on much to her knowledge


Tell my sister that she has to do things differently

Without fear of failure

For failure is never unique

But consistency is ever unique

For same things done differently is innovation

But similar things done the same way is imitation


Tell my sister that getting up late

Is the dominion of fate in the fullness of time

Remind her that habitual early risers are habitual

Mobilizers of every tennet of success

For an early bird eats first


Tell my sister that a brave warrior is not acknowledged

By the size of his spear but by the size of his sphere of influence

Remind her that life is not splendor but significance


Tell my sister that shame accrues the relatives of a mad man

When he gets to walk naked

But fame accrues an individual when he does something

Spontaneous and not his kinsmen

Remind her that the good she does is for her very own good


Tell my sister that he that melts her heart

Will also solidify it, it’s normal

Remind her that glue binds papers, cement binds bricks

But forgiveness always binds hearts together


Tell my sister that  sweets cause a bleeding gum

But illicit relationships cause a bleeding heart

Remind her that bad company ruins good morals


Tell my sister that success is not for everyone

But for anyone capable of containing it

Engrave it to her that luck is a result of preparation meeting opportunity

For the crown of success fits every head but only a prepared head gets

To wear it


Tell my sister never to lose hope in life

Unless hope loses her

For hope is always dope

With hope , life will cope to her being


Tell my sister always to embrace change in her life

For change will grant her every wings to fly

To every height beyond her reach

Remind her that nonsense will make sense

If sense is added to it


Tell my sister that to hide a boil that is under the armpit

Is unwise

Remind her that home is never far for one

Who is still alive

So she can always come home when  her home is the mouth of a shark

For she’s not a sinister child

Thank you

It’s a poem just meant to encourage the girl child on every aspect in life.

By James Musau


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