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When I was around 2yrs old my mum worked as a kitchen assistant at U.S.I.U University, a few times she took me with her so it’s safe to say I have gone to university but  did not attend university.

That is why I was so happy when I found this quote by Thomas Carlyle  “What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books.

For the past few years I have been a collector of books I have learned relearned and unlearned you know some people read as a source of entertainment some read for information but for me I read as a source of transportation for after Allah reading has transported me from a small house I paid 1500 a month to where I live now, reading transported me from a job I was being paid 8000 a month to what I earn now after tax, I won’t mention but maybe in future after upgrading lol, reading transported me from  a person that looked smart and wise,, until I opened my mouth but now I  can stand in front of people and say something meaningful.

Last year I read 32 books before you congratulate me just know I am ashamed for being 18 books shy of my target were it not for the time I wasted on scrolling down Facebook, I.g and twitter like am looking for oil and the times I spent travelling back and forth from one app to the other.

Just like me, I know you are very busy but we cannot afford not to read just like we can’t afford not to eat the time you spend in trafficking, in between appointments, waiting at the bank and such places you can read a whole lot of books. Early last year In my 2 trips to Mombasa via SGR I read close to 5 books while young people my age mates in the same couches were drinking singing and dancing erotically to “ Wamlambez”  if we are to change the system we got to sharpen the saw man or else we will grow old complaining of the sisters

You can read Soft copies on your phone or hardcopies you can buy half price in town or listen to audio books on YouTube if your budget is as tight as your belt.

–    90 % of knowledge you need is in a book you have not read

It is such a shame for our generation that we are drowning in information but starved of knowledge.

We cannot afford not to develop our minds for, if you do not know anything, and then you teach your children what you know, then your children will be as smart as you are.  

So read my brothers and sisters for there are worse crimes than burning books one of them is not reading them, gather knowledge not only information

Today information is scattered everywhere it’s not information that you need its knowledge but knowledge is not enough you need action, action is good but it’s not enough you need motion. The application of knowledge action and motion becomes power


The genuine love for reading itself, when cultivated, is a superpower. We live in the age of Alexandria, when every book and every piece of knowledge ever written down is a fingertip away. The means of learning are abundant—it’s the desire to learn that is scarce  – Naval Ravikant




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  1. Ma’a Shaa Allah, Taba’araka Allah. Always appreciative of your writing.

    Stay Blessed…, And ” Keep On, Keep, Keeping On…!!!”

    #USHAWEZA…!!! ☺️

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