House of Hope


House of Hope

I came home from school countless times, found my mum had adopted either a mad person or a homeless kid, she fed and clothed them until their people were located. Despite being, a single mother of seven and small-scale businesswoman which meant hand to mouth provision she did that with a lot of passion and dedication. This has been one of the greatest lessons of my life, that you can impact the world however small.

Therefore, I founded an organization called House of Hope to continue my mother’s legacy to make the world a better place.

My name is Hamza Hassan Madonga, I am, a team builder/ corporate trainer, mentor, entrepreneur and a motivational speaker.
I was born and raised a few metres from korogocho the second largest slum in Kenya, my mum a single mother of seven was a small-scale business woman who together with me and my brothers sold milk door to door 3 kilometers everyday through scorching sunny days and rainy cold nights she made sure we had a hot plate, and although a school dropout herself She also made sure we got an education.

I attended Ngunyumu primary in school then Korogocho Glory secondary where I was the fifth {not in exams} I.e. when I joined the entire population of the school was, four students, It was the cheapest school in the area but the one my mum could passively afford although I spent more than a quarter of a term home due to fee arrears.

Life after high school was not easy in a community full of crime, drugs and other vices I was about to indulge in such when a friend of mine introduced me to a community based organization, the #youthmirror, my ambition led me the knowledge and membership of #KOBA #ozoneyouthgroup, #pacicificartsandtraining, #Nzumariafrica, #WAYAN, #R.Y.I from this I got networks, experience, knowledge and even sponsorships and joined college: Nairobits {IT/ SRHR}, Unity College of professionals {social work}.

In this community serving organizations I met so many inspiring speakers Onesmus Musau Musau, Victor Omondi to mention just a few and that’s how I got the urge to speak and inspire people from similar background and even beyond.

This year I joined the Pepe Minambo Motivator academy, and met myself at the age of 27, I learnt that my life is my message to the world all I have to do is make it inspiring.

I share the same thought with Les brown “if we inspired our kids as much as we put them in margarine adverts we would have a world full of geniuses” The world needs more inspired people and more talks on the same, strive to inspire someone today make it your goal.

My favorite quote: ‘The rest of my life can the best of my life, only if I make it, in shaa Allah. Call me up for custom made motivational speeches, corporate team building/training etc

Stay happy stay hopeful


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