House of Hope


What I heard

I heard about space, how far beyond the horizons it is, far beyond the sight of a binocular

I again heard that Armstrong and his team made it to space and ever since it has been a  travel destination

I thought that speed is measured in Bolts because I saw Usain run not until I met Kipchoge did I know that no human is limited infact that day my friend bought liquor at 159

I heard that freedom can always be found in bars, yes chocolate bars because its sweet but its shop is behind bars

May be Mandela would expound

I heard of a man who had to bend and pick up his self esteem before reaching the peak of the tallest mountain in the planet

I guess he fast climbed his steep and rocky mind that said its impossible

I understand we fail because of our bold ego and that’s why we all are not Yego because we leave our javelins at home only to go and throw stones at the CBD

We chant for rallies because we are used to falling, failing and trailing behind the suits of bold men

I was a fun of Shakespeare maybe because of thou and doeth but not until I met Mufasa, he stole my ear and what i want is steal his pen

I heard about days of the week, and I picked tuesday and that’s why am week about it

By James Musau



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