House of Hope



Bro! Bro! Listen to my voice however frail

Tomorrow is next year, tomorrow is another opportunity to see life

Be sober enough to see through glasses of the sun and see how the rays points many unmasked opportunities within us

Bro what lies behind us and before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us, see through the sunglasses of commitment and your life will always be at the beach of success

You see good bro, reading books gifts you with the opportunity to learn but positive drive towards life will always push for your name to be on some book for others to read and you to earn

Remember today’s kesha, how we prayed alot but bro, our allotries are just before our striving hands

It’s difficult but difficult is not synonymous to impossibility, it’s just that it had to be difficult so that sacrifice and consistency can appear in one of the pages of human life and not just a dictionary,

For few people know how to read and write but everyone must know how to learn

It’s not difficult when you’re yet to try, don’t complain of the heights of mountains you never tried climbing, just make a start and the ending will be worthwhile

You see bro, life is funny, everything may look similar for men but different all together, when you’re giving up, someone else is making another try,

When you feel like giving up, breakthrough from your troubles is always very near just hold on for a moment and your ending will be the start of your momentum

Bro, time is the only fundamental resource everyone has to partake any endeavor, so choose between 24 troubles and 24 opportunities,

Time can’t keep you or take you anyware, keep time and meet your own set deadlines before you meet others’

Bro, not everyone is a player, not everyone can sport a game but everyone has to game his goals and be involved in his/ her own success story and development

Bro, am not a prophet, but I admit you are a champion ? nothing is beyond your reach


Tomorrow good sister go buy a magazine and read of the many female chartered companies,

Buy a newspaper and see how hardwork is the perfect match of beauty, see, read of the many female occupied offices

Look at your feet and be swift of chasing your own dreams, look at your hands and directly be involved in your success story, get in touch with success

Tomorrow, siz go visit those who ate from the cherries of youthfulness and are fat of tummy and foot, ask them “how’s life?” and pinch your ears and cease that opportunity of making something out of life

Nothing siz is permanent in that office even the stepple pins move from one bunch of papers to another,

Believe me you can be the next manager for you are worth you plus a packet of chips ?

Tomorrow siz is next year, light the fireworks of hope, commitment and sacrifice make for tomorrow’s success


Thank you

By James Musau



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