House of Hope


My Anguish

My anguish, my heart,

Oooh walls of my heart, be strong enough to carry the roof of patience so that when the rain of hopelessness beat I, we shall be safe

Thou you steep and rocky level things down for every situation to prevail

Things shall be right even when you be on left trust the ribs, they are strong enough to enclose your multi tasking ventricles and easily they won’t reach you

Remember life is not splendor but significance and with significance, life will be splendid of bliss and peace, so let’s peace together and see

Their cars aren’t fast enough to slow the intensity of your scars

You don’t have a face, so don’t disguise your anger, the real you is protected by a number of muscles and ribs

When ribs crack with laughter, let you mend with pain, for many people know our story but only you and me know our history

Infact just pump blood, I’ll do the rest, I’ll dump your troubles

My Anguish, my tongue

Oooh! The sword of my life, always remain in your sheath

I know you hurt, although you have no bones, you break the heart, but have you ever asked yourself where do broken hearts go?

I know you lucky to hide, shrink back to the mouth and command the teeth to close up their open senselessness and wait for food but will the heart hide?

For God foreknew things wouldn’t be right so he kept the heart on the left side of the chest, He foreknew things wouldn’t be cool, so the heart in a position in the body where the sun can beat, or have you never heard of heartbeat?

I’ve seen queit people prevail because they are stoic but because they have less words to make up a foolish story

Remember patience is hidden amongst less speaking and more anticipation

How valuable you are oooh tongue, just roll more chunks of food make the body vibrant and healthy, speak less, let the hands do more of your words and you’ll be hurtless, you’ll be good and I’ll be glad

Make me a man worth my salt

And you eye, just see don’t cry remember I wash my face every morning

And you hands, yours is to hold spoon and fork to eat and not to poke other people’s eyes, not to choke other people’s necks

And you feet, yours is to walk but not away from responsibility and opportunity

And you nose, yours is to breathe not to nose around other people’s affairs, ears listen to the heart and not be trapped by withering stories of I can’t

Ooooooh my anguish, my body, every part do its sole responsibility, I’ll do the rest and wait till we ambush failure

Thank you ??

By James Musau



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