House of Hope

Comes riding on a borrowed bike,
Few coins only to buy chips or corns to pop your smile
At least crocodile chips made physics practical like ruby on rails
And not such chips that only bring you closer to the mouth of a shark
School uniforms just conforming to the history written in the dark
Consistency in perusing books will have parents liken your drive
And would refer there children to this Grace that is smart in books despite Google not taking even one note of her
But standing beside beside bikes would just disgrace yourself, oooh sister Grace
Stop saying that he’s heavenly sent for he pampers you with exurbent love
Understand that a child on pampers is forced to pee in the potty when time is come
Why should his music drive you crazy
When Jemutai is busy thrilling her sanity with mursik?
Please sister mind your mental health
Am not standing between you and your hurricane ways
Am just reminding you that the lift you always are in pursuit of
Won’t be an assurance that he’ll lift you up when dressing up, so elevate yourself
In line with that, he won’t rift you and your now fattening tummy
And neither will he lift the ban when dad insists on a send off
So go back and love your books
Thank you


James Musau

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