These hands

These hands are not just greeting, they are an implication of a complete circuit when positive and negative terminals meet, infact the light is already showing up,

So these lips aren’t struggling to say hi or hi too, the feeling is too high for that and too low would it be if the convo would end at that, infact “hi” is a two letter word that no struggle there is in articulation

The is just to add more flesh to that “hi” so that they both would walk away feeling high, high to him if she’d obligue to his endearing words full of vocabularies he heard in one of the school around his workplace plus the little he knew

High to her if she’d say no and stick to that or even she’d be that intended “pc” to her life computer

So he’d be even high above sea level if he’d be prince because of his charming words and automatically she’d be princess even without having been born in a palace

So these feet aren’t struggling to stand for if it were within their reach, they’d convince the ground to glue their feet so that they’d be good cobblers by dyeing for each other and glue their soles together

So he was smart, smart of words and she herself was smart of some bikini

He had work, infact he rides a motorbike that plays some good music 🎶 charming every ear passing around,

She herself has not only that bikini and type but also some good looking uniform in her closet and well covered kasuku books and also good handwriting

So although they were standing firm in some corridors, they had a great fall, they fell from the cliff of love

So  she consented to the words covered on greasy apron and he consented to the good beautiful soul on some nice charming bikini 😍


And if she were asked why she wouldn’t fall for the soliciting words of the colorful books infact with some good typeface and English that doubtedly the man ever knew existed, she wouldn’t say it’s inferiority complexity,

You see sheer knows, she has seen some of her pulse endangered by such illicit relationships,

She knows muratina ain’t good, because of its blinding spirit but she wouldn’t wait to wine in the spirit of some good family she herself would start at least when she finds her own feet by walking into her life, sight by seeing for her own self and not her parents as now

She has seen some of her friends with fat bellies not because they ate much food but because one night ate their youth up when never has one of her friends been on fat foot for staying home at the expense of some calling corridor


It’s a poem anyway 😂

Be blessed as you go through it and be inspired and corrected

Thank you 💗😍

By James Musau




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